March 26, 2022 @ 9:00 am

Ride Starts In Shandon at CW Clarke Park on West Centre St at 9:00am

Please get some phone numbers of other riders and communicate if there is a change of plans. The group will wait if the group knows. Solid rain cancels this ride. There may be some die-hards that will ride in showers.

Take Centre St until it connects with Highway 41.

41 is a high traffic road that should be treated as a single file, car back road at all times. There is plenty of time to roll up and chat with the others once on Bitterwater Rd.

After 4.9 miles Right turn onto Bitterwater Rd.

After 9 miles follow 90 degree turn right as it joins Annette Rd

Follow this joint road until the “Y” intersection of Bitterwater Valley Rd.

This is a good rest area and prep for some climbs.

Stay right on Bitterwater Rd. And follow  14.6 miles to Hwy 58.

This is a suggested lunch stop and the SAG vehicle will meet us there.

After lunch Hwy 58 heads west and will have more traffic.

Ride 18.5 miles to Right turn on Shell Creek Rd

Water up with the SAG for the last part of the trip.

Enjoy the scenery throughout this valley.

Shell Creek Rd meets Shandon San Juan Rd at about 10.7 miles

After your left turn proceed 4,5 miles to 90 degree left turn

Follow to CW Clarke Park

A note on the SAG, riders can work out partial SAG driving and swapping riding with other riders. I’m sure that some riders will help compensate for fuel. Cash is always good. Some riders (depending on Covid Protocol) may opt for a post ride meal with others. Please note this is a ride that takes place all day. There are no short cuts. The SAG people will want to stay close to the riders and will not have¬† the ability to run people to their cars.