Foxen Cyn II Prep for Bitterwater

February 26, 2022 @ 9:00 am

The title says it all. The ride starts at Panera and goes to Orcutt and connects with 135. Twenty miles later we will take a short break in Los Alamos and some riders may want to take other options. for the most part the training style ride will continue on 101 South to the 154 (San Marcos Pass) and follow this road to the Foxen Cyn left turn. We will regroup about a block past the turn off and then head North through a couple of scenic canyons and bluffs. There are many great ranches and wineries along the way and hopefully we won’t be going so fast we will miss the sights. We will regroup at Alisos Cyn where there will be two options for return to Santa Maria. Continuing down the canyon will get us to Sisquoc. Returning on Foxen/Betteravia is a flat ride for our poor, tired legs. This is a tough ride with some hard climbs and some screaming descents. The route is around 70 miles and will A) take a lot of time and B) wear your legs out. You will be able to soak in a hot bath and have a feeling of great accomplishment.

An offsite map is here:

69.4 mi +3270 ft / -3270 ft