Long Division (I was told there would be no math)

July 2, 2022 @ 8:30 am

This ride starts at 8:30. Meet at the Panera Parking lot.

Head out towards McCoy and go West towards A Street. Betteravia will get us to Ray Rd and all the way to 166 (Main St). Follow this route to Bonito School Rd. This route is closed during the rainy season, but we won’t have anything to worry about. There is a section about halfway to Division that is not paved. Riders will need to pick their way across the hard packed dirt. Right on Division and then left at the light on Orchard. Right on Teft (briefly) and a left at the light for Pomeroy. Left on Willow and stop at Willow Cafe. After about 30 minutes get back on Willow heading towards Thompson. Thompson to 166 and back across the 101 bicycle bridge.