Los Alamos

January 24, 2023 @ 9:00 am

Please Note: This ride leaves from the old Loading Dock at 9:00. Call John K and let him know what is going on so that he and Tom (the other one) can join  us.

Graciosa  Rd will warm our legs up quickly. All of the riders will get onto 135 and after passing under the Hwy 1 bridge, enjoy the slight downhill to San Antonio East. This is a good place for riders that have to get back early or maybe haven’t enough seat time this winter to turn around. Riders have the option of turning around and retrace the route so far. The remaining riders will continue on 135 until Los Alamos, There will be opportunity for coffee and a snack up session. All riders will retrace their bike tracks to Orcutt. Some options for return include, 101, Foxen Cyn or a hearty jaunt over Drum Cyn and Harris Grade. For the out and back folks, 32.8 miles and 1,500 feet of torture.

Just a note to everyone: Rides like this will help get ready for rides that are coming up. Bitterwater and others like this.