Pt Sal and Coffee

October 15, 2022 @ 8:30 am
  • Panera at 8:30.   Cold. Overcast. Drizzly. Am I selling it? I  like this ride. The weather doesn’t really matter when you have a good riding partner. Pt Sal Road (Brown Road) is a great road to chat. We’ll turn off of Betteravia onto Ray Rd and see some of our agriculture in action. Crossing Highway 1 we’ll find ourselves on another terrible road that does tons of good for talking. On the way down riders will decide the way home. Turning left on Highway 1 will get us  to Guadalupe and coffee. Going right on 1 will take riders to Orcutt. Going straight across 1 heads you back to Santa Maria. Previously riding this route I had 39.76 miles with 1,046 feet of climbing.