January 22, 2022 @ 9:00 am

This is a strength building ride. It is not easy and will show a rider how much grit they have. This ride has other qualities. Riders can consider this as a training ride for Bitterwater and the over and back ride qualifies riders for one of the climbing challenges. Actually, one of the toughest of the challenges. Over and back will rack up 56 miles.

Right turn on Betteravia/Foxen Cyn

12.5 miles to the Left turn on Tepesquet Rd

10.6 miles to crest and rest

Option  go over the crest and ride to 166  (5.1 miles))

Return to crest (5.1 miles)

Down hill to Santa Maria Mesa Rd (9.6 miles)

Santa Maria Mesa to Foxen Cyn (4.2 miles)

Foxen Cyn changes to Betteravia Left turn into Panera for Lunch (7.8 miles)

Option   EAT

Option    Don’t eat