Welcome New riders! We have rides to accommodate most riding preferences. All groups will meet at the same starting place and time. Some rides will have options to the course.  If a rider has time constraints, hasn’t had much time on a bicycle, or isn’t “feeling it”, ask if the ride has options.

Tuesday rides are a little longer, a little steeper and at times, a little faster.

Thursday rides are very sociable. We ride together and chat. We do a little climbing if it feels right. The riders regroup frequently and occasionally find coffee and pastry along the route.

Saturday is a mix of the other 2 days. There will be some adventure, distance, climbing and speed. Saturday rides will have several optional meeting places along the way and several options for return.

All rides meet at Panera Bread  at 540 East Betteravia Road. Occasionally rides will begin at different locations. These will be obvious when starting at different locations.

April 8 will bring a new start time of 8:30.

Jun 10 @ 8:30 am

Meet at Taco Temple in Morro Bay and at 8:30 ride Highway 1 to Cambria.  Stop at Linn’s Easy As Pie Cafe. After coffee and a pastry, ride back to Taco Temple for lunch.