Pt Sal

January 21, 2023 @ 9:00 am

It’s back. The club and fan favorite of Pt Sal. Meet the group at the Panera parking lot and plan to leave at 9:00  AM. After navigating our way through McCoy and A street, the group will jump onto Betteravia and turn on Brown Road. We will ride to the locked gate and take a small break. The way back is down Brown Rd and 166 (Main Street). There is a chance the group will split the ride  home with some riders choosing to take Hwy 1 to Orcutt. The Hwy 1 group will log about 33 miles and 978 feet of climbing. Take time to look around while your struggle up hill will let you see the wonderful Winter that we are having. The Mustard flowers should be in full bloom.