San Antonio Triangle

March 1, 2022 @ 8:30 am

If riders completed the previous weekends ride, then this will be a recovery ride. working out the final kinks with a tour of farm lands and Vandenberg wildlands. There is one steady climb and a couple of short climbs along Graciosa Rd. The ride is around 32 miles and should be ridden at a “club” pace.

Leave from Panera parking lot and head for McCoy and the bike path (actually it is a MUT, Multi Use Trail). Follow the bike path to Foster,  cross Foster and then a right on Union Valley Rd. Make a Left on Blosser. This would be a good place to join the group. Continue on Blosser and make a left on Clark then a Right on Rice Ranch Rd. Make another Right on Graciosa to the intersection of 135. Cross the road and continue down 135 to San Antonio. Follow San Antonio past the very rough road (3/4 mile). San Antonio meets Hwy 1. Make a right and start a gradual to increasing steepness climb. Make a right at Graciosa and back track to Panera.