Vandenberg Main Gate

November 23, 2021 @ 8:30 am

Vandenberg with return through Casmalia

34 miles with 2185 ft of climbling. Bring your granny and I don’t mean your mother’s mother.  Two sustained climbs.

McCoy to Bike Path. Bike path to Foster Rd

Cross Foster onto Foxenwood

Right on Union Valley Pkwy

Left on California Changes to Broadway

Meet up at old Loading Dock (9:00)

Broadway changes to Rice Ranch Rd

Right on Graciosa

Left on 135 (Cautiously)

Follow Highway 1 to Vandenberg Visitors Parking

Reverse route to West San Antonio Rd

Follow Lompoc/Casmalia Rd to Highway 1

Right on 1 to left on Soloman

Left on Blosser

Right on Union Valley Pkwy

Left on Bike Path

Right on McCoy

Left on Miller

Right on Center Point Pkwy

Right on Lakeside Pkwy into Panera


Turn East off of 1 (after descent from VAFB)

Take East San Antonio to 135

Left on 135 To Graciosa

Reverse first part of ride.