Guadalupe Coffee Run

June 25, 2022 @ 8:30 am

This is one of my favorite rides. Hard to explain why, but here goes. The ride is easy going. Out to Betteravia, right on Ray, left on Brown. These roads lend themselves to side by side discussions. Make a right on Betteravia and that will morph into Simas. Cross Main Street and curve around to Highway 1. A left at this point will take you down a road full of places to eat and drink. Before starting the ride a consensus concerning destination should be decided. Otherwise, riders will end up in the “where do you want to eat…I don’tknow , where do you want to eat“, syndrome. Pastry is a good choice chased by coffee or hot chocolate. Going home can be made fun by blasting down Main Street (aka 166) taking full advantage of a prevailing tailwind. Total mileage is between 28 to 32 milesĀ  with 251 total feet of climbing.